Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Up, Up and Away: 99 Balloons, 1,000 Views!

Yay!!! I have just reached that pinnacle point of 1,000 page views and am so excited about it - YIPPPEEEEEEE !!!!! THANK YOU to all my readers, regular and random!

I feel like I need to mark the occasion in some way, hence this spontaneous celebratory post! I don't know - maybe this isn't such a big thing in blog world - but it is to me. I'm glad to see any traffic on my blog,  but 1,000, I never thought I'd reach it! So it's kind of like a birthday of sorts. Or the awarding of a gold star. A milestone passed. And motivation for more to do. (Instead of candles and a cake, my blog stats posted on the left...!)

And I can tell you it was with much glee that I picked out this picture of balloons! Just like  a 5-year old, and oh so fun  to my inner artist self, (who is roughly about the same age...) Balloons have always seemed a symbol of buoyant hope to me  After much dejection and disillusionment on the writing (and blog) front,  I now feel buoyant. Inflated. 

And it's at times like these when the sky seems to be the limit. When I feel myself swept up, up, and away, into the helium-high realms of possibility.

I've chronicled some of the downs of a writer's life, now here comes the jubilation of one of the ups: readership. It's so great to have frequent readers - a heartfelt balloon-buoyant 'thank you' to all! And I hope you'll stick with me for a thousand more... (well here's hoping!)

awed, giddy and extremely grateful, 

~ Siobhán

image from www.weheartit.com


  1. congratulations siobhan!i enjoy your blog when i get a chanche to check in, irregularly as yet.you've got a truly original and from the heart voice,onwards and upwards!caroline

  2. Thank you so much Caroline, much appreciated!

  3. Bravo! All it takes is one letter at a time! Hugs, Margie


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