Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wherefore Art Thou Readers?? SOS

Where, oh where, have all my readers gone?? 

Sometimes it feels like I'm blogging into the silent ether. I feel like no one's out there, no one's listening or reading. All's quiet on the blogging front.

Is anyone out there?? Anyone willing to share their views???  SOS - Speak Out Soon! (and please.)

Or if they are, maybe this is all just too bland to comment on. Is it? Do I need more spice? Suggestions would be helpful! 

But I get it. This is cyberland, totally random. I have a lot of traffic on this blog which  I am so grateful for, but I just can't help but wonder, how come this traffic doesn't speak, leave comments, react. 

And I get that this is not typical blog etiquette, but I just need to ask. Readers, where are you? 

(Maybe I shouldn't be writing this right now, because I'm in a bit of a mood...a malevolent, miserable, moody mood. But I can't help it. It seems on every writing front right now, I'm firing blanks, throwing stones into a still lake that won't ripple. And expressing this aching emptiness does somewhat alleviate the symptoms...) 

I give people my work to read and they don't reply. Why?

I wouldn't mind (hmpf), but I am always replying to others work and giving feedback! It seems a give-give situation. And it's very tiring. Giving and giving and no receiving.

On most days, it doesn't matter really. But some days it does. Some days it quite frankly sucks! :(

But oh, 'tis the life of a writer I suppose. We don't do it for other people. Have to be made of a tough skin and all that.

Still, some feedback would be nice...

Still, onwards and upwards and onwards I shall write regardless. (Regardless...)

moribund & miserable,

~ Siobhán


  1. No comments from me because I've been LAZY lately! Oh, and my brain is on strike. Besides you probably get tired of my 'brilliant' comment each time. :-) No, feedback would be helpful I know and will do my best to improve!

  2. See, really lazy...I didn't even bother to sign in before leaving the above post! Anyway, it is miserable to not know if your writings are being read and if they are, what response do they evoke? So, will try to do better.

  3. bonsoir Siobhan, pardonnez ces silences de lecture, mais il est difficile, parfois, de poser un commentaire, (je me voudrais si intelligent pour cela) :-) je comprends votre douleur :-) je compatis, je connais la même mésaventure :-) thibault

  4. Sorry for not commenting. I read every day (& enjoy), but didn't know I could comment (being on word press). I guess I found out that I can.

  5. Oh it's lovely to hear from somebody!!! :) Thank you Mary - but you are a most regular reader and commenter extraordinaire, so don't worry! And your comments are always brilliant and shining and encouraging and I appreciate them all! :) And thank you for responding to my vent/rant... 'tis good to know someone is reading!

  6. Thank you James, I appreciate your response! Oh yes, Wordpress, its much more complicated then Blogger! I read and enjoy your poems every day too by the way. It's a real feat to write a poem every day - I must salute you!

  7. Bonsoir Thige! Merci beaucoup de votre commentaire. Je l'apprécie. Et c'est chouette de voir un commentaire en francais ici! :) J'adore le francais! Au fait, tes peintures sont vraiment belles! Merci encore.

  8. Hi there! Coincidence...i think not! I forgot about this blog but noticed the email update today...and opened it today! I hear what you're saying! I used to blog all the time...barely anyone ever responded...but o what joy when someone did! I will visit more often!

  9. Thanks for your comment! Yes, do visit, and feel free to leave a comment!


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