Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Finish Line #NaPoWriMo

Yay, it's over! The 30 day write a poem marathon! And I'm so ecstatic to say that I didn't miss a day! (Which is a first I can tell you! - My commitment to things usually falls flat on its face at the first few hurdles....) 

Anyway, it just goes to show that you don't have to wait around for inspiration to land on you like a magic-wand tap. Nope, it's there and all, ready and waiting to be accessed. If #NaPoWriMo taught me anything, it's this. 

A big congrats to all you bloggers who participated! Some great work was produced! :)

~ Siobhán

NaPoWriMo Finish Line

Well, it’s over now -
I’ve passed the finish-line
of the thirty day poem-a-day
tag yourself some verbal meditation.

Take a bow – the diurnal sacrifice
is done, dusted, the Muse so delighted
that she smiles and throws light
in my general direction.

Ding dong the doubt is dead -
with a hi-yah, ka-boom, take that,
karate sensei chop; go NaPoWriMo! 
daily pom-pom poems flexing

fingers to write without prompt
or pre-meditated occasion.
Now, my medal of knowing how to turn
the straw of ordinary everyday 

into poetry gold. 

© Siobhán Mc Laughlin April 2013


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