Tuesday, 10 May 2011

First Blog is Born

My first ever blog!

Have been avoiding and postponing, procrastinating and questioning this moment, but now it's here. Now I finally put cursor to screen and enter. Now my first blog is finally born.  

To introduce myself, I'm a writer. Well, wishing to be. A wannabe writer. A writer-in-waiting. A rampant writer and a reluctant writer. A secret writer. An under-cover writer. I've been writing ever since I can remember; on feint-ruled copybooks with red margins, on A4 pages with red-biro grades, diaries, computer screens, journals, printed pages, scribbles and poems and columns and other lilttle bric-a-brac here-and-there titbits. All because I love words. Because I love what they can do. 

Have been mulling a long time over the ever pondersome question whether 'to blog or not to blog'? And have  finally decided to take the leap of yes. So here I am. To blog and be heard! Blog and let my words glare on other's screens! Blog and bare all!  Blog to unblock! May take me a while to tackle the transition between white-page wondering and blank succumbing to pen ink, to this surreal space where each word is scribed permanently in black font. Where my thoughts are random rapid-fire and may materialise as ramblings. Where I can't scrunch the page into submission or file away under closed. Yes, here I am, out in the open, out of the closet of writing, and into the great big arena of cyber-space. 

And after much labouring over the title, a blog is born! Relating to Virginia Woolf's book on writing of course, 'A Room of One's Own', namely about finding a space for one's own writing, both physical and metaphorical. Not a particular mad fan of Ms Woolf, but most definitely of her idea. 

(Apologies in advance for my grammatical errors; although I'm an English graduate, I have a tendency to twist and flaunt basic grammar rules....Also for my ever-changing fonts. It seems some mischievous computer sprite has made its home in my hardrive and delights in flipping fonts chaotically! Also, for my lack of technical prowess; site design is not my be all and end all, hence the lack of elaborate background designs, colour changes and perfect photo pasting. I may be a dab hand at words, but not at embellishing their stage backdrop!)

And so, I begin. Welcome to my blog. A space for musings and random ramblings and rants and poetic pondering, that I hope will appeal to some out there.
Thanks for reading,


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