Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Morning Musing: The Creative Mind

Yes, this is exactly what it feels like! 

Especially when inspiration strikes and all kinds of ideas are let loose in the mind and there you are reeling, rapturously trying to take stock of them all. Phew. 

(This could also explain why I always have about 8 different tabs open while I'm on the computer and constantly flicking back and forth between them. I couldn't do it any other way. It's not sore on my CPU, so my thinking is that it couldn't possibly be sore on my computer's...) 

So many ideas, so little time! We creatives are always being goaded by stimuli, so much so that our own CPUs are I imagine, awash with colour all of the time, flashing and flickering with the promise and possibility of new ventures and where they might lead. Sensory overload happens at times (just try getting to sleep when it does, a few nights I felt like my head would physically burst!), but as long as it is vented, expressed, manifested, head explosions won't happen. Heart ones though, metaphorical, are most likely.  And when they happen, honestly, there's no better feeling.

Creative minds everywhere, I salute you. Here's to unending colour and vitality!

~ Siobhán  

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