Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Morning Musing: Writing as Communication

'All writing is communication; creative writing is communication through revelation - it is the Self escaping into the open.'  ~ E.B. White

In spoken communication, there is a lot of static. A lot of half-meant words, a lot of chewed-up sentiments, a lot of noise. When we communicate by talking, we can put on any emotion, any front, any self, change our colours like a chameleon to match our conversation partners. It is easy to disguise ourselves in the spoken word. But writing is different. 

Writing is a way of telling the truth. Truth that is bent in telling is not so easy malleable in writing. And that goes for truth of self.  When we write, we can't be anyone but ourselves. We fictionalise,  invent characters sure, but at the core, it is us, -'communication by revelation' EB White calls it. The written word is the key that opens the cages our true selves may be confined to. We are free to be ourselves on the page. 

And on the page, the Self, like any free spirit, likes nothing better than to soar. 

~ Siobhán


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