Saturday, 10 December 2016

Advent Calendar Day 14: New Traditions

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"Grief is a room without doors – but somehow, with its tinsel and clichés, Christmas finds a way in. In the absence of a loved one, all the pageantry, all the carols and parties and bright bustling pubs, are an unbearable silence. For many, the season of goodwill and joy is also the season of loneliness and despair, during which nothing grows except the longing for what can never be..." 
~ Simon Van Booy

One December, a few years ago, I came across this very moving article - New Traditons  from writer Simon Van Booy. The next day I rushed out, in a snow-dusted cityscape, to buy any book of his I could get my hands on.  Ever since, I love to read his collection of stories 'The Secret Lives of People in Love' at this time of year. His writing is simply, exquisite.

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