Thursday, 1 September 2016

Curating Inspiration: September Daily Scrapbook


Well it's been a long time since I've posted here! A combination of reasons: no time, (isn't that always the excuse?!), not lack of inspiration but a kind of overload, where I've never been able to decide on just any one topic to go ahead with and post and hence a kind of crippling uncertainty, that and slow Internet (really frustrating). 

Anyway to remedy all that. A local Arts magazine Art Dogs has come up with a delightful 30-day September art challenge in which I am partaking.   It consists of a theme given every day for a piece of art to be produced and shared - be it poem, scribbling, painting, photograph, or anything creative, so be it. What a great way of breaking the September routine of back to school (ie work) and autumn seasonal slump! I'm all in, as best I can. I have been trying to do something every day (it's hard, but I love a challenge, especially an inspiring one) but I've been feeling the need to post the extra bits somewhere, the preparation parts that the finished product leaves behind the little tidbits that are footnotes to the said theme (anything from songs to quotes to famous offerings) alongside, or sometimes not, my creative piece for the day.

So all of these I've decided to record here, in a kind of keepsake scrapbook of musings. Curating the inspiration, so to speak. 

Alrightey then. 

Interested in joining? Have a look at the site here

(I've just caught up to the challenge in the past few days so I will be subsequently back-dating posts here for the first week. After that, posts are fresh off the press, yippee!)


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